Dr. Paul C. Wang, DACM, LAc


Perpetual personal progress – as a teacher, disciple, warrior, healer, mystic, human – is my passion. I am compelled to seek further experience and deeper wisdom with presence, humility, patience, compassion, and equanimity in order to provide better guidance and greater service to balance others and the world.


Thanks for your time and interest in my work and path.

I’ve always been inspired by the big picture and ultimate questions about life and the nature of reality. What drew me to the holistic arts was an epiphany — that everything is connected in a dynamic balance of interrelationships based on universal principles. The many expresses the one. Unity enfolds diversity. Diversity unfolds unity.

Cultivating martial, medical, and mystical lineages has given me the ability to perceive and the power to effect fuller wellbeing by living in harmony. This allows me to benefit humankind by sharing insights which have been of substantial value to me, my patients, and my students.

Dr. Paul C. Wang, DACM, LAc



I designed this emblem to incorporate several symbolic meanings.

It includes my first (Paul) and middle (Chengpo) name monograms and the Chinese pictogram for my surname, Wang (王). This represents my devotion to connecting traditions from the East and West.

The curve represents the flow, wave, spiral, and cycle of relative yīnyáng (陰陽) duality including past and future in time.

The vertical line represents the eternal present and alignment of the axis mundi, spine, staff, sword, pen, needle, and gnomon.

The horizontal lines represent the first three numbers written in Chinese as 一, èr 二, sān 三, the three dimensions of Sky (tīan 天), Human (rén 人), and Earth ( 地), the three states of Matter (jīng 精), Energy ( 氣) and Consciousness (shén 神), and the three levels, or yáo (爻), of the Eight Trigrams, or bāguà (八卦), which are depicted as ☰☱☲☳☴☵☶☷.

The cross represents the four cardinal directions and their dimensionless center of nonpolarity (wújí 無極), the Five Phases (wǔxíng 五行), the Five Elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether), the intersection of horizontal and vertical, low and high, microcosm and macrocosm, individual and universal, and the concept “as above, so below”.