Dr. Paul C. Wang, DACM, LAc

Balance Method Gongfa 平衡功法


Gōng means skill or practice. means method or strategy.

The gōng (功) in gōngfǎ (功法) is the same as in qìgōng (氣功) and gōngfū (功夫). Qigong is part of Gongfa but the latter develops (意) and (力) beyond just (氣). Another common term is nèigōng (內功), which is more inclusive than Qigong. The nèi (內) in Neigong refers to inner; however, the training must also extend to the outer, or wài (外), gōng.

Gongfa is used to refer to all internal and external aspects such as spirit, mind, heart, body, nerve, muscle, tendon, bone, and organ. It does not value any part over another. Every layer must be trained, optimized, and integrated as a whole. In other words, Gongfa is both yīnyáng (陰陽), not either yīn (陰) or yáng (陽). Their dynamic interaction is connoted in pínghéng (平衡), which means balance. Finally, (法) means method, which is the way to practice and apply Gongfa.

Hence, the full name of the system is Balance Method Gongfa (平衡功法 pínghéng gōngfǎ).


Balance Method Gongfa is a combination of stationary and moving exercises derived from universal concepts, especially from the martial, medical, and mystical fields. It overlaps with qigong, gongfu, meditation, and yoga. Gongfa is an essential practice distilled from many lineages of physical, energy, and healing cultivation. Although Gongfa draws from tradition, the method is continually updated and refined based on relevant scientific research on topics such as neurobiology, cognitive psychology, exercise physiology, psychoneuroimmunology, etc.


Whatever your subjective or objective tool of expression, your performance can be improved with Gongfa. The following are a few examples:

Gongfa for Acupuncturists

Balance Method Acupuncture (平衡針法 pínghéng zhēnfǎ) is a simple three-step process (Acupuncture 1, 2, 3) to logically select clinically effective points. To optimize results during the needling phase, Balance Method Gongfa (平衡功法 pínghéng gōngfǎ) is a three-step process (Gongfa 1, 2, 3) to consciously apply the practitioner’s intention (意 ), emotion (氣 ), and action (力 ).

Gongfa training is a basis to increase the efficacy and efficiency of every needle insertion. It upgrades the diagnostic awareness and intuition of the practitioner towards the patient. It sustains the health of the practitioner to prevent the pathogenic influence of disease. Cultivation includes static, dynamic, sitting, standing, and breathing exercises to regulate autonomic function and synchronize circadian rhythm.

Gongfa can be directly applied by practitioners to improve clinical practice or prescribed to their patients as self-care.

Gongfa for Martial Artists

Regardless of your style, there is an underlying universality of human coordination. By integrating the principles of Gongfa, you can increase the power of your strikes, the connection of your body, and the efficacy of your techniques. Gongfa can be infused into unarmed or weapon training to lend greater fluency and potency. Furthermore, by honing your proprioceptive awareness, you can reduce injuries and recovery time. You don’t need to change your art. It can simply be analyzed and adjusted with Gongfa to become more effective.

Gongfa for Spiritual Practitioners

As a person of faith, a beginning meditator, a long-term contemplative, an ordained monk, emphasis is often placed on the mind or spirit. Such a higher calling is commendable, but we must not forget the vehicle of the soul. By strengthening the material form, universal principles can be more robustly embodied. Visualizations, affirmations, chanting, and prayer are profound practices to tune ourselves to the divine. By preventing weakness and disease, Gongfa allows our insights and teachings to go forth. You will be able to serve, sit, pray, meditate, chant, minister, and lecture with greater sustainability by utilizing Gongfa.


Balance Method Gongfa is taught in four formats:

  • Balance Method Gongfa Introduction (4 Hours)
    平衡功法介紹 (4小時)
  • Balance Method Gongfa Essentials (8 Hours)
    平衡功法概要 (8小時)
  • Balance Method Gongfa Fundamentals (16 Hours)
    平衡功法築基 (16小時)
  • Balance Method Gongfa Advanced (Variable)
    平衡功法築基 (可變)

Sample Topics

  • Build immunity against pathogenic influences and stressors
  • Coordinate your four limbs and torso to improve circulation
  • Center, focus, and project the power of your mind, heart, and body
  • Breath as a regenerative tool to tune the autonomic nervous system
  • Develop proprioceptive sense of internal organs for homeostasis
  • Connect ventral, dorsal, medial, lateral, central body for optimal posture
  • Activate your instinct, intuition, and insight intelligences
  • Use spirals to unify patterns of thinking, feeling, and doing
  • Tap into in empty, unity, and duality states of consciousness


If you are interested in learning Gongfa, please send a message.