Dr. Paul C. Wang, DACM, LAc

Bazi Birth Chart

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Timing is everything. There is a reason why things happen when they do. But how it all fits together may seem unclear to you at the moment.

Bazi helps you understand the flow and meaning of your life.

From your birth — year, month, day, time, place — we can determine your unique strengths and main weaknesses.

Find out the type of people, places, and careers that are good for you and not.

Your Bazi can also identify future periods during which you are likely to:

  • Make money
  • Attract love
  • Get promoted
  • Gain reputation
  • Have children
  • Be creative
  • Go back to school
  • Face health problems
  • Lose power or status
  • And more

Make sense of your most urgent questions. Use your Bazi insights to deepen your self-awareness. Feel confident that you are making the best decision right now.
What is included in this essential reading:

  • Layout your personal Bazi birth chart
  • Summarize your strengths and weakness
  • See nine decades of your life progression

Gain more insight and detail with optional add-on services:

  • Compare two Bazi for compatibility
  • Analyze the next decade year-by-year
  • Look into upcoming year month-by-month

By getting your Bazi done, you have a practical, reusable tool to lessen uncertainty, maximize benefit, and minimize difficulties.


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